Samvaad 2018

//Samvaad 2018

Samvaad 2018

On the journey of success, memories made during the long haul to earn the applaud is what matters. A small idea turning into a huge zestful reality is such a beautiful glimpse. Here is the complete making of Samvaad, the event being a bloom, it was a real depiction of hard work of everyone involved in it to make it attainable. Team Envisage, would like to appreciate the initiative of every individual who endeavoured in the making and accomplishing of Samvaad.

Samvaad 2018, an event setting expectations and goals for attendees before it starts. The event attracted a calibre of attendees, planned collaboratively, concluded a fun atmosphere and a merry time.
Remarkable was the sheer size of the event ~1500+ delegates from 29 states, with motivational speakers and entertainers over 10 days. Needless to say, the conferences were noteworthy. The concept of the conference was to say thanks for a good year and celebrate and to facilitate the success while spurring everyone for another good year. The theme for the gala night was “Futuristic” an out of the box theme, and the mesmerizing setup overall made it a breathtaking night. The dance performances were elegantly choreographed.
They say “Sometimes an idea is all you need for a great event!” And then comes the teamwork that adds the feather to the cap. It was an astonishment for Team Envisage, who sprung into action with no sleep, and to rose to the challenge so that the entire event flowed perfectly.

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